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SSDCLEANINGCOMPANIES CONTACT ...deliveryengineers@hotmail.com SKYPE ID..delivery.engineer Middle East phone..+201151206884 Ssd Solution chemical, activation powder super automatic Solution, anti-breeze bank notes, black marked currency, black coated notes, cleaning Black money.NOTES ,also clean all kind of Gold WE WORK ON COMMISSION We provide chemicals for anti-breeze bank notes currencies such as USA Dollar, Euro, Pound, and many local currencies.WE ALSO OFFER MACHINES TO DO THE BIG CLEANINGS,OF ALL KIND CURRENCY AND WE DO DELIVERY OF PRODUCTS DEPENDING ON DIFFERENT CASES.OR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE DO CONTACT US IN OUR phone number head office Egypt +201151206884 Branch office Germany our branch email us. deliveryengineers@hotmail.com or ssddeliverydoctors@gmail.com skype.delivery.engineer DIFFERENT OFFICES. Europe,America & North AMERICAN,Asia & Middle East our Usa phone number is . our Middle East number +201151206884 Dr. Xander Danyal

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